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FCN 2 (Clinical)

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Policies and Procedures Manual - Ottawa, ON

  1. Course Description

  2. Prerequisites

  3. Dates & Registration DeadlinesOttawa Ontario Foot Care Nurse Student

  4. Contact Information

  5. Location

  6. Education Team Profile

  7. Registration

  8. Tuition

  9. Tuition Refund, Course Cancellation & Wait List


  10. Instruments & Supplies

  11. Privacy & Confidentiality Standards

  12. Dress Code

  13. Policies & Procedures Unique to Facility

Last Revised: January 27, 2018

Course Description

TiredSole™ is an education partner for Foot Care Kingston's Foot Care Nurse (FCN) course.

The Foot Care Nurse (FCN) course is designed for nurses (RN’s, NP’s, RPN’s & LPN’s) new to foot care and for experienced foot care nurses who wish to update their knowledge and skills. The course follows a comprehensive, advanced and diabetic nursing foot care curriculum. This curriculum is based on current Best Practice Guidelines and evidence-based practice, including competencies from the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses’ National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017), which are integrated as exit competencies to the course.

This course has an online theoretical component (FCN Part 1) and an in-person clinical mentorship component (FCN Part 2), and is designed to prepare participants to function as a foot care nurse within a health care team.

FCN Part 2 (Clinical) is the mentorship and clinical component of the FCN course where students practice their foot care nurse skills. The curriculum for Part 2 was developed by Foot Care Kingston and is administered by Foot Care Kingston in Kingston and by select education partners across Canada. Each location uses the same standardized peer-reviewed education guidelines and this FCN Part 2 Course Outline. Please visit the FCN 2 (Clinical) page of the Foot Care Kingston website for a list of FCN Part 2 locations

Students can apply for FCN Part 2 at any time after having started FCN Part 1. Tuition for FCN Part 2 is not included in tuition for FCN Part 1.


  • Applicants must start FCN Part 2 within 12 months of achieving a passing grade from FCN Part 1. Exceptions to the 12 month rule may be allowed in extenuating circumstances. Applicants are to contact their Part 2 location of choice to discuss their unique circumstances and for more detail.
  • Each applicant must carry and show proof of at least $2 million personal protective insurance (malpractice insurance).
  • Each applicant must hold a current non-restricted Nursing Registration/License (temporary or full) from the territory or province in which they reside and will be taking Part 2 of the FCN course.
  • Each student must show proof of completion of the IPAC Core Competency Course and Reprocessing in Health Care Settings Course. Both courses are free and offered online and are listed as an exercise in section 6 of FCN Part 1 course and in FCN Part 2 Pre-Course Exercises.

Dates & Registration Deadlines

  • Course consists of 6 days, over 2 weekends
  • Hours will be 800-1600 (breaks to be negotiated at start of course)
  • Part 2 of the FCN course will be offered on during the following dates:

1. January 12-14 & 19-21, 2018
2. April 27-29 & May 4-6, 2018 
3. July 27-29 & Aug 3-5, 2018

Mentorship Dates: Students will be expected to attend a mentorship session with a member of our Part 2 education team for 3 hours.  Mentorship hours can be completed prior to the Part 2 clinical dates, once the nurse has completed the FCN Part 2 Pre-Course Exercises. Students are to contact their lead educator to book their mentorship hours, once they have completed these exercises and must be completed no later than 1 month after Part 2 clinical dates. Mentorship hours are mandatory to receive a certificate of completion.

Contact Information

Lisa Garland (Lead Team Educator, Owner and Operator of TiredSole)
3050 Woodroffe Ave Suite 9, Ottawa ON K2J 4K6
613-823-3668 (phone) 
613-823-3660 (fax)     


3050 Woodroffe Ave Suite 9
Ottawa, Ontario
K2J 4K6

Parking available on site in mall parking lot. It is free to park. Entrance at the left-hand side of the building is handicap accessible.

Facility Profile Highlights

TiredSole offers a high-end foot care clinic in the heart of Barrhaven. Our state-of-the-art clinic has Certified Compression and lymphedema fitters, foot care nurses and the ability to preform an ABPI reading without the long wait times of acute care hospitals.

We provide many new cutting edge treatments for fungal nails, wart removal and other foot-related ailments. We provide Laser Light Therapy for clients suffering from foot pain, skin tags, toenail fungus, plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis. Our facility uses the FOX 980 Laser—a revolutionary podiatry tool and proven effective over drug therapy. This non-invasive technique helps reduce pain and inflammation. TiredSole is the only medical office in Ottawa that uses the FOX 980 Laser to treat foot conditions

Foot care is performed by registered and insured nurses with over 20 years of experience. We use a state-of-the art autoclave machine to ensure proper sterilization of all tools and to diminish the risk of infection. We use gold standard infection control. Our ultrasonic cleaner loosens debris, we then pack each set of tools in individual sterile bags, put bags in the autoclave to become sterile to the point of use. Sterile tool sets are opened in front of each patient.

Our new TiredSole clinic features hard wood floors, spacious private rooms for laser and foot care, a huge roof top deck, and a stone wall with double sided fireplace.


  • To promote education and awareness about the Gold Standard of Foot Care and infection control.
  • To ensure students leave with the knowledge and confidence to provide a high standard of foot care to clients in various healthcare settings.


To provide nursing services that contribute to the client’s health and well-being. To establish a therapeutic relationship based on mutual trust and respect between client and nurse, including confidentiality.


Our motto: Prevention is Key

Education Team Profile

  • Lisa Garland RPN FCN Ed : Lead Team Educator 20+ years and Owner/Operator of TiredSole

Medical Background: Wound Care Nurse, Foot Care Nurse, ER Nurse, Worked with VAC and has consulted on occasion as a mentor and a Clinical Assistant with Foot Care Kingston’s FCN students since 2013

For more details on Lisa’s experience and education, please visit her profile page.

  • Carole Dionne RN FCN: Educator 20+ in Ontario


When and how to register

It is the student's responsibility to connect with TiredSole during their first month of participating in Part 1. This allows the student an opportunity to discuss Part 2, review registration policies and provide their contact information. Part 2 courses run on a 'first come, first served basis' and also are based on minimum numbers of students per class. Calling ahead of scheduled Part 2 courses allows TiredSole to communicate with those who are interested and gives TiredSole time to prepare or advertise if necessary.

Tiredsole will give students that have a passing grade from Part 1 the opportunity to pair up with one of its team members (RN or RPN) in either a clinic or LTC setting for the day (or duration of the clinic). This will be available after payment is made for Part 2 and 2 weeks prior to the start or our course. Days available are Thursday and Fridays, on a first come first served basis.

To register:

Minimum and maximum participants requirements

Minimum 5 students

Maximum 12 students

Possible flexibility on this criteria may be extended. A waitlist will be maintained for any nurse wishing to register after the program maximum has been reached. Nurses may need to choose another location or different dates to attend part 2 if Tired Sole cannot accommodate them on specific dates, such as if minimum number of nurses required to run the program are not reached or have exceeded their maximum number of students.


How much is tuition? 

$1,921.00 ($1,700.00 + HST $221.00) 

Deposit of $150 is due at registration.

What is included in the tuition? 

  • Instruments: Students can borrow sterile nippers and blacks files while at Tired Sole
  • 3 hour mentorship
  • 5 days of clinical/hands on practical
  • a certificate of completion on successfully meeting minimum requirements of the course

What are the payment methods?    

Tuition must be paid 14 days prior to the start of the course by e-transfer.

Tuition Refund, Course Cancellation & Wait List Policy

No refunds will be given, if a student cancels. However, there may be extending circumstances which may result in partial refund, or re-booking of course.

Should Tired Sole cancel the program due to low enrollment or any other unexpected reason, students will be informed that they will receive a full refund. 

Instruments & Supplies

What students are to bring that are not included in the tuition?

Students will be expected to show proof of the following on arrival on their first day of mentorship:

Students will be expected to arrive on their first day of clinical with the following:

  • Hard copy or electronic copy of at least $2 million personal protective insurance (malpractice insurance)
  • Printed or online 'receipt' of showing current non-restricted Nursing Registration/License from the College of Nurses of Ontario
  • Hard copy government issued photo ID
  • Printed copies - documents, certificates, forms, exercises and handouts that are listed in the FCN Part 2 Pre-Course Exercises.
  • Office supplies - listed in the FCN Part 2 Pre-Course Exercises.
  • Equipment, instrument and supplies starter kits - each nurse is to purchase a starter kit through Chiropody Podiatry Canada (CPC) for a discounted fee of ~$600 (tax included). The starter kit includes a 'podiatric rotary instrument' that is designed for use on human skin (not hardware or industrial brands), PPE's (gowns, masks, eye protection, gloves, alcohol gel, disinfectant wipes, etc.), instruments (such as single-use sterile burs for the podiatric rotary instrument) and other miscellaneous supplies required for clinical. 
  • Course Textbook - Lazenby, Cindy. LM. (2017) Art & Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada.
  • Food & Drink – Students are responsible for their own food and drinks each day. There are many places to purchase food nearby.

Other expenses not included in the tuition

  • Costs for accommodation & travel to and from clinical and mentorship locations
  • Tuition for FCN Part 1 
  • Requests outside of normal course activities or outside of educational, technical, and administrative support schedules or activities as per the course outline (such as requests for remedial assignments, course transcripts, third party correspondence, letters, etc.)

Privacy & Confidentiality Standards

How will you protect student information?

All student info will be held in hard copy in a locked cabinet onsite for 10 years.

What policies are in place to protect client information during clinical?

All collected client information will be handed back to client to keep for follow up with General Practitioner. Students must sign a non compete and confidentiality form located in student package.

Dress Code

Students are required to wear scrubs. If hair is long enough to be tied up, then the student is required to do so.

Policies & Procedures Unique to Facility

Additional Business Documents

PRIOR to paying for any tuition, all candidates will be required to sign a consent form confirming that they have read all the Policies & Procedure Manual of the Part 2 location, Part 2 Course Outline and read any specific form(s)* that they will be required to sign at the course. These forms will be available from the facility.

  1. *All students attending the Ottawa Part 2 course will be required to sign a non-compete clause and liability waiver. 
  2. * Starter kit order forms