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Financial Aid

1. Nursing Education Initiative (NEI) (Ontario)
Offered through RNAO and RPNAO. Many of our Ontario-based students have received up to $1,500.00 in funds from this initiative. Note that not all students receive the same amount and it is our understanding that funds do get depleted throughout the year. Please visit the NEI page of the RNAO/RPNAO websites to apply and for more information on the funding and application process.

2. Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario

In 2017, $94,000.00 in awards and scholarships will be made available to RN's and RPN's who wish to continue their studies. Please visit the RNFOO website for a detailed list of available awards and scholarships, as well as applicable deadlines.

3. Local, Provincial and Territory Agencies and Associations
Nurses from different communities, provinces and territories  have reported being entitled to up to $2500 in subsidies to attend our courses. Check your local community, province or territory agencies for more details. For example, some students have received funding from their employers, nursing associations, First Nations community, agricultural subsidies, Veterans Affairs and the Blue Cross Program as applicable to their circumstances.

4. 80% FCN Part 1 Tuition Discount for Returning Students and Experienced Foot Care Nurses
The Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (CAFCN) is developing educational standards and a certification process. In order to promote continuing competencies of acquired knowledge and skills and help Foot Care Nurses prepare for certification, Foot Care Kingston is currently offering the discounted tuition rate of $250 + tax to FCN Part 1 applicants meeting one or more of the following criteria:
  • Graduate of Foot Care Kingston's FCN course (2007 or later)
  • Returning student to Foot Care Kingston's FCN course (2007 or later)
  • Graduate of Foot Care Kingston's FCNEd course (2012 or later)
  • Experienced Foot Care Nurse - Required to have a valid CAFCN membership AND have practiced as a nurse for the last 2-5 years AND have a minimum of 750 nursing foot care practice hours within this timeframe.

Applicants wishing to be considered for this discount must submit their FCN Course Application (Part 1), as well as any all required supporting documents* prior to the early bird deadline. 

*Experienced Foot Care Nurse Supporting Documents 

  • Professional Reference - If wanting to be considered for this discount on the basis of being an experienced Foot Care Nurse, applicants are required to have practiced as a nurse for the last 2-5 years AND have a minimum of 750 nursing foot care practice hours within this timeframe. Applicants must have an employer or foot care health professional complete the Professional Reference form to confirm that applicant has met this experience prerequisite.

    The applicant may have more than one professional reference complete this form if each reference can only validate a portion of the total years of nursing experience or total hours of nursing foot care required. For example, if 300 hours are completed with one employer and 450 hours are completed with another, both employers will need to complete this form for the hours they are able to confirm. The total hours of both references would then be used to validate the applicant has met the prerequisite.
  • CAFCN Membership - Applicants must also email an electronic copy of their valid CAFCN membership card and/or membership purchase receipt showing current registration to footcarenurseprogram@gmail.com on the same day they submit their FCN Course Application (Part 1). The email subject line must contain the last and first name of the applicant and be formulated as follows: LAST, FIRST - CAFCN Membership. 

Both the professional reference and the CAFCN membership card/receipt must be submitted for the FCN Course Application (Part 1) to be processed.